LMS, SCORM, Learning management system
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LMS, SCORM, Learning management system

LMS-Portal for University


A University is community of professors, teachers, administration officials and students to perform the functions of teaching, research and service.


The key tasks of a university are

- Knowledge creation
- Knowledge transfer
- Knowledge assessment and credentialing
- Providing a place for networking
- Develop a community of scholars

LMS-Portal (University) aims to complement the key tasks of the university.

  LMS-Portal will facilitate the university to provide online creation of knowledge, its transfer and assessment. To facilitate and overcome boundary & language barrier LMS-Portal is designed for multilingual functionality. It will also provide a place for networking and develop a community of scholars online.

A university can run virtually paperless Distance Education Programs using LMS-Portal.

LMS-Portal can perform or assist in performing the following functions of the University.


Administration Related functions on Learning Management System


University Calendar

Course related functions

Courses to be run

- Course Design

Course Time Table

- Course Fees


- Course Tutors
- Course fees - Course assignments
- Course details - Course seminars
- Registration prerequisite - Course workshops
- Qualifying test - Course Calendar
- Results of qualifying test - Course assessment
- Joining confirmation - Course Tests
- Payment collection - Course result publishing

Notice Board management

- Course effectiveness

Bulk Mailing


Certification to students

- University related

Reports & MIS

- Course related

Records Management

- Others

Teaching Related functions on Learning Management System


Provide and update their profile

Assess Tests

Provide Content for courses

Do query solving via E-mail

Guide thro the program

Conduct on-line chat

Develop assignments

Conduct Net meeting

Assess Assignments

Bulk e-mailing

Develop Tests

Maintain calendar

Student Related functions on Learning Management System


Register online

Get assessment report

Enroll for course or batch

Get reviews

Pay online

Receive invitations

Access course material online

Attend net meeting

Send query to administrator

Maintain calendar

Send query to tutor

Give tests

Access and submit assignments

View scores

Receive e-mail notifications for
course, assignments, test, meetings,
seminars, results etc.

Receive certification

Access notice board  


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