LMS, SCORM, Learning management system
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LMS, SCORM, Learning management system

LMS-Portal for School & Colleges




Schools & Colleges shape the coming generations.

The society demands and expects the education system to produce active, creative, innovative and flexible students. These students should be able to adapt to the rapid socio-economic changes.

  The Scenario today

Education today is mainly paper based and overloaded with traditional content and is not keeping pace with the changes especially changes in Information Technology.

Students today are exposed to loads of technology and information at home and in the market place. They look forward to their schools and colleges to best understand and utilize this information and technology. The schools and colleges despite their best efforts have not been able to keep pace with the changing technology.

The industrial method of teaching wherein all students take the same curriculum, are evaluated on the same parameters and are expected to have similar knowledge leaves the student & society desiring for more.

  The Desired

Students to have access to the best resources available
Pace the knowledge sharing at the pace of each individual student
Cater to individual students needs
Shift from a teaching to a knowledge-sharing model
Students should be technology competent
Look outside education
Flexible and open-minded learning
Opportunity to express and share ideas and knowledge

  The Key to change

The key to change is the Internet

The role of Internet is becoming more and more important in education. It is the media of information exchange and is poised to become the primary means of delivering the desired changes in the education system.

The Internet is fast becoming the primary source of study material. It also has the potential of storing and managing a student's work (projects, reports, essays, programs etc.) and sharing it with teachers, co-students, parents etc. It also offers a platform to exchange information with means such as chat, e-mail, net-meeting etc.

Schools and colleges need to implement e-learning initiatives using the Internet.

E-Learning is defined as the use of new multimedia technologies and the Internet to improve the quality of learning by facilitating access to resources & services as well as remote exchanges and collaboration.

E-learning is important to implement in schools and colleges because it has the potential to revolutionize teaching and learning. It also transforms learning into a life long activity producing skilled and ready workforce capable of adapting to rapid socio-economic changes driven by innovation.




LMS-Portal is a platform for implementing e-learning initiative in schools and colleges that will coordinate and manage the demands of the E-learning. LMS-Portal aims at complementing the efforts of the schools and colleges to impart better education.

LMS-Portal will create an E-learning environment for schools and colleges for sharing information and creation of knowledge with an amazing range of choices to make E-learning a more suitable and appealing resource.

LMS-Portal for schools and colleges has been built keeping in mind the following


- Place the needs of students first
- Raising the standards of teaching and learning and attaining them
- Make learning resources available to students on the Internet
- Increasing learning retention
- Assessing, tracking and improving an individual's performance
- Make available wider choice and flexibility to the learner

  Some key benefits of LMS-Portal

- No more missed classes
- Reduction in unnecessary photocopying
- Extra tools for teaching such as web conferences, net meetings and chat rooms
- Add continuity to the department
- Run a course that can't be timetabled
- Run a course that can be shared across different schools
- Special courses for the gifted and talented
- Better communication with students
- Anytime, anywhere learning
- Access to online communities of practice
- Increase in IT infrastructure and IT savvy ness


LMS-Portal can perform or assist in performing the following functions to complement the efforts of schools and colleges to impart education more relevant in today's context.


School Management related functions on Learning Management System


School Calendar

Course related functions

Courses to be run

- Course Design

Course Time Table

- Course Fees


- Course Tutors
- Course fees - Course assignments
- Course details - Course seminars
- Registration prerequisite - Course workshops
- Qualifying test - Course Calendar
- Results of qualifying test - Course assessment
- Joining confirmation - Course Tests
- Payment collection  

Teacher related functions on Learning Management System


Provide and update their profile

Assess Tests

Provide Content for courses

Do query solving via E-mail

Guide thro the program

Conduct on-line chat

Develop assignments

Conduct Net meeting

Assess Assignments

Bulk e-mailing

Develop Tests

Maintain calendar


Student Related functions on Learning Management System

Register online

Get assessment report

Enroll for course or batch

Get reviews

Pay online

Receive invitations

Access course material online

Attend net meeting

Send query to administrator

Maintain calendar

Send query to tutor

Give tests

Access and submit assignments

View scores

Receive e-mail notifications for course, assignments, test, meetings, seminars, results etc.

Receive certification

Access notice board

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