LMS, SCORM, Learning management system
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LMS, SCORM, Learning management system

LMS-portal for Corporate

  It is a fact

Training employees is vital today
Productivity of a trained employee is higher
With a trained employee you have better customer satisfaction
Business may remain stagnant or decrease for lack of training
Refresher courses are also required to maintain productivity
Training for corporate is an ongoing phenomenon

  As a corporate or a large organization you are

Spending large sums on training
Paying opportunity cost for loss of work during training
Putting big effort in organizing training programs

  Still there is a lot to be desired

•  Some key persons missed the program
•  The best trainer could not be hired
•  Enough training was not available to each employee
•  No means to evaluate the training effectiveness and recall over a period
•  Unable to provide enough training on new launches and updates
•  How to conduct induction program for each employee individually
•  Opportunity cost of time spent on training is high
•  Information-sharing platform for employees from different regions does not exist
•  How to manage training for each job role in the company
•  Limited training budgets

In spite of some of the best efforts by the corporate world for training their employees there is still a lot to be desired

LMS-Portal, an E-learning platform is a tool that has the power of Communication, Organization, Management and Training, all of which are essential elements for conducting training in an organization. It provides online infrastructure to an organization for running, managing training programs and courses.

LMS-Portal addresses most missing links in a corporate training manual.

  Key Benefits of training using LMS-Portal E-learning Platform

LMS-Portal can be used for Induction learning, Continued learning, Remedial learning, refresher learning and upgrade learning.
It's a fast, convenient and effective method of training
It offers flexibility and customization in conducting a training program
It can handle variety of courses at the same time
It facilitates individualized training and higher retention
Saves travel cost and scheduling difficulties
Easy to monitor performance and progress of trainers and trainees

  Using LMS-Portal is simple

Decide the program you want to run
Arrange the content and the program coordinator
Upload the content on LMS-Portal
Send program information to desired participants
Participants will access the course through Internet/intranet
Interactions with program coordinator can be in form of E-mails, Chat and net-meetings
Management can sit back and monitor progress

LMS-Portal can help you conduct your training initiatives beyond physical limitations of space, trainers, location, distance and administrative issues. Depending on the size of your operations you may opt for a hosted option or install your own server.

LMS-Portal can perform or assist in performing the following functions of the Training Manager in a corporate.


Training Manager Related functions on Learning Management System


Training Calendar

Notice Board management

Programs to be run

Bulk Mailing

Program Time Table

Certification to trainees

Program related functions

Reports & MIS

- Program Design

Records Management

- Program Coordinator FAQ's
- Program Participants - Program related
- Program assignments - Others
- Program seminars    
- Program workshops    
- Program Calendar  
- Program assessment  
- Trainee evaluation  
- Training effectiveness  

Program Coordinator Related functions on Learning Management System


Provide and update their profile

Do query solving via E-mail

Provide Content for programs

Conduct on-line chat

Guide thro the program

Conduct Net meeting

Develop assignments

Bulk e-mailing

Assess Assignments

Maintain calendar


Trainee Related functions on Learning Management System

Access course material online

Get assessment report

Send query to Training Manager

Get reviews

Send query to program coordinator

Receive invitations

Access and submit assignments

Attend net meeting

Receive e-mail notifications for
program, assignments,
meetings, seminars, performance
reviews etc.

Maintain calendar

Access notice board

Receive certification
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